Our Mission

The mission of Blackstone Valley Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine is to provide exceptional pediatric health care in a patient centered office setting. Blackstone Valley Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine offers care collaboration with the patient/family, other medical professionals and healthcare facilities to parents who desire evidence-based care to maintain their child’s health status and to prevent future medical issues.

Our Vision

The vision of Blackstone Valley Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine is one of pediatric patients enjoying their optimal health status through the prevention of health issues or through the intervention and management of complex medical problems should they arise. Our dedicated staff respects the patient’s and parent’s need for compassionate care, cultural sensitivity, understanding and confidentiality. This results in our parents and patients feeling respected and genuinely cared for each time they enter our offices.

We’re a Patient Centered Medical Home.

Blackstone Valley Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine uses the Patient Centered Medical Home model of care. Patient Centered is a way of saying that you are the most important person in the health care system. You are at the center of your health care.

A Medical Home is an approach to providing total health care. In a medical home you will join a team of health care professionals to help you with your health care. The doctors and staff at Blackstone Valley Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine are a part of your medical home. We are here to help you reach your health care goals. We will coordinate your care with other physicians to provide evidence-based care along with self-management support.

With a Medical Home, you and your team will work together. As an active member of the team, you will have a chance to explain things that are really important to you. To assist us with providing the best possible care, you will need to provide a complete medical history including any care you have received outside of our practice.

For more information, please watch this video.


Our Services

  • Complimentary copy of Your Baby’s First Year
  • Well Baby Check
  • Hearing Evaluations
  • Immunizations/Vaccines
  • Vision Screening
  • Spirometry testing for asthma
  • Annual Well Child Physicals
  • Developmental Evaluations
  • Same day service
  • School & Camp Physicals
  • Sport Physicals
  • Throat Cultures (on site)
  • X-rays (Advanced Radiology)
  • Lifespan Lab
  • New Patient Interviews
  • Patient Portals
  • Email appointment reminders

Joining the Practice

New parents/new patients are welcome to make an appointment for a “New Patient Interview” with any of the staff Pediatricians. Parents are provided with the appropriate paperwork to complete, a brochure of Blackstone Valley Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine and the opportunity to talk with our Pediatricians about the practice, our routine appointments and any areas of concern for the parents.

New parents/new patients may also register by telephone with our staff. Paperwork and a brochure can be mailed. Newborns receive a complimentary copy of AAP’s Your Baby’s First Year.

A patient transferring into the practice is required to have his/her records in our office from the prior Pediatrician before a first appointment can be booked. We require all patients to be fully vaccinated in accordance to the American Academy of Pediatrics schedule and all physical exams are booked three months in advance.

Leaving the Practice

We are sorry to see our patients leave however, some “age” out of the pediatric practice and others move out of state. We require a few days’ notice for preparation and then records must be picked up in person so a release can be signed for our file. For patients who “age” out of the practice, we have a “Transition to Adult Care” procedure to provide information and to help in selecting a new PCP.

A Brief History of Blackstone Valley Pediatrics

Dr. F. Edward Yazbak opened the first Pediatric practice in Cumberland, RI in 1964.  Dr. Yazbak became well-known in the community and the practice expanded.  Dr. Peter Yasigian joined Dr. Yazbak in 1985 and the practice renamed to Y & Y Pediatrics.  A second office was opened in North Smithfield, RI in 1987 to provide pediatric care in what was an underserved Northern Rhode Island.  Dr. Yazbak retired in 1998.

Dr. Peter Yasigian assumed ownership over the practice and incorporated Blackstone Valley Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine in 1995 and moved the Cumberland office to the present day location.  The practice grew under Dr. Yasigian’s vision to include five Pediatricians, Dr. Stephanie Peduto, Dr. Maureen Crotty, Dr. Michele Mathieu and Dr. Alexander Lee, a Registered Nurse, a Nurse Practitioner and a Licensed Nutritionist.  BVP was one of the first pediatric practices in Rhode Island to switch from paper records to electronic medical records. BVP has a CLIA lab, a full service Lifespan Lab and Advanced Radiology X-ray on premises.  Over the years, Blackstone Valley Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine has progressed to meet the increasing needs of modern pediatric medicine and to meet the evolving needs of patients and communities.

To provide parents with more choices for sick children and to address a rising pediatric necessity, Dr. Yasigian opened Just Kids RI Sick Care on July 17, 2012.  Just Kids is the only pediatric sick care in Rhode Island and is staffed by the physicians and nurse practitioners of Blackstone Valley Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine.

Blackstone Valley Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine offers the most comprehensive pediatric care available from the consultation services of a Licensed Nutritionist to early and late office hours as well as the walk-in facility of Just Kids RI Sick Care.  The Lifespan Lab and Advanced Radiology X-ray are interfaced with BVP for quick results.  New patients are welcome and BVP provides personal interviews for new patients and parents.